Another Day

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Sneak peak of a concept featuring Gills Sans MT for one of my studio classes. It’s sleek and cute (Naomi’s words, not mine) and…well, I like the colour palette. Actually, I really love this shade of teal and slightest-very slight white-gray. Can you imagine that at one point in the process work I wanted to use yellow? Yeah, I have a hard time understanding that as well.

Making a mobile phone interface continues to remind me that at least half of the apps on my phone don’t actually work, a combination of not wanting the new iTunes (thus, not being able to update my phone) and a complete disregard for using apps without wifi present. When questioning such stubborn decisions, just sit back, turn on some good music (I’ve been listening to this), and have a cup of black tea with hazelnut creamer. It makes being app-deficient worth it, trust me.

Happy Monday!

  1. Anisa said:

    Exciting! OMG that’s so cool, wish I could do things like this. Love your new blog layout by the way, why am I so not tech savvy? xx

    • Krys said:

      Thank you haha but why are you so awesome? xx

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