Standing Still

Welcome to my dining room table circa February 2013.

I wonder if one could consider it an upgrade to go from shooting photographs of things on the floor to shooting them on a table. There continues to be a lack of white walls at my house and after some experimentation, I discovered that the lace table cloth that my mother uses when relatives come to visit is the closest thing I have to any white wall.

That it’s been snowing so frequently (such as it is right now) hasn’t stopped me from keeping all my non-boots tucked away in my closet, but the impending arrival of Spring has naturally made me more keen on shoes I don’t have to wear socks with. It’s been a little difficult in the morning to not leaving my dorm tromping out sans socks especially when I recently picked up these three new pairs.

ftdrt 1

First, neon/nude ballet flats. I’ve been searching for shoes with studs on them for months and these not only fit the bill but also add a pop of sorely needed colour in my mostly-neutral black coloured wardrobe.

ftdrt 2

A pair of red boat shoes. I almost bought the black/white herring bone patterned ones, but it’s really the colour that won me over. My mother has actually been obsessed with boat shoes lately (she has three-four pairs) and, admittedly, they are quite comfortable even if they remind me a little bit of those super preppy boys my sister used to go to school with.

ftdrt 3

Possibly the pair of shoes I’m most excited to wear once the weather warms up a bit – please accept the first two pairs as my way of justifying the black heels. Though, really, I can picture clearly in my head all the different outfits I can wear these with.

Pictures for the lovely Wen, who’s been asking me to upload items from my closet for months now…

    • Krys said:

      Thanks! Haha yes, improvement ^^

  1. rooth said:

    That first pair is ADORABLE – where did you get them?

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