Easy Go


(Black/white 35mm film, Canon Infinity Baryta paper)

Post-midterms and in the process of cleaning my desk – I’ve built piles of so much junk that this process is a little horrifying. I found sketches for designs that never materialized and scraps of old projects dating back to first year studies, so now I just have folders of paper everywhere. Just two weeks ago, we did a study in one of my studio courses that ended up with over 100 sheets of paper. In a way it helps since I have my sophomore review right after spring break, but otherwise, a lesson in recycling properly.

A few weeks ago some friends and I got on a train to NYC and indulged in some good food and some good art. For awhile I’d wanted to see the Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avante-Garde special exhibit at MoMa…really, it was exciting to see work from this period of transformation into an international center for arts, culture, and commerce. You see screenprints from designers such as Yokoo Tadanori and yes, they’re iconic works but they also speak for design that radically influenced the way design was viewed then and now.

Also have been taking my 35mm camera out often, partly because I’m taking another photography class, but also because there’s something great about film. It was only last week though that I got around to developing my film from the excursion…and everyone needs a good graffiti photography in their repertoire, right?


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