Spring Cleaning

portfolio preview

I was so into the idea of completing this during spring break, but then things happened, and I got distracted. As one of my design professors pointed out this morning during critique, there are about five weeks left of the semester. Crazy! The past few months have gone by so quickly. A bit too quickly for my liking, mind you. As I continue to build my portfolio site,  I’m going to be a little neglectful of this blog for a little while longer (hopefully not too long…) On the other end of the portfolio spectrum – after a few weeks of some serious stressing and a last minute glue adhesive panic, I found out that I passed my sophomore review!!

After finding out the good news, it feels like nothing can really go wrong as spring semester winds down. I’ve officially declared my major as design and I’m cleared to take upper-level studio courses. It’s finally starting to look like spring as well, although people are still wearing their winter coats on campus, so it feels a little odd gadding about in shorts yet. Still, there’s the promise of afternoons after class spent on the great lawn, drinking iced coffees and having the time to enjoy each other.

Happy mid-April!

  1. Joyti said:

    Eeek, I have less than five weeks left in my semester. Panicking a bit.
    But good luck to you with yours!

    • Krys said:

      Thank you!! I wish you loads of luck with the end of you semester as well xx

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