Fool Me Once

composite 5

(Diptych, black/white 35mm film, Canon Infinity Baryta paper)

At some point once you move back home for the summer and the euphoria of being able to sleep passes on, being able to leave the house, even if it’s to run errands with your mother, feels like an accomplishment. In between work and the continual process of editing my wardrobe, my family and I spent a week in Florida, somewhat sporadically documented on my Instagram. Upon return to suburbia, I conveniently broke my laptop and have been bumming off of my mother’s ever since. It’s been completely refreshing to not have the internet at my constant beck and call (I’ve been reading a lot of books). I’m starting to remember a life that didn’t depend on half-way completed proposals sitting in gdocs and organizing folders of scanned negatives.

It’s been miserable weather in New York recently, traversing from summer weather back to what the weather should’ve been like in April. To date I’ve had two driving lessons and, with all of the rain, each one has left me slightly more terrified than I think I was before I started learning how to drive. Quite clearly I’m meant to live in a place where driving is not a necessity and of it weren’t for the pressing need for grocery runs next year, I have a feeling that I might’ve pushed even getting my permit until post-college. Any driving tips for the otherwise inclined would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I can’t believe you’re taking driving lessons in New York. How brave! I didn’t get my license until I turned 20, and I made sure to fly to my parents’ place in California to take lessons and the test. Best of luck with driving and settling in back home!

    • Krys said:

      At least they’re taking place outside of the city? Although I’ve heard that driving in California is no joke either! Thanks and I hope that all is good with you as well xx

  2. rooth said:

    Don’t despair with driving – you’ll get a hang of it. And then maybe you could practice on a road trip!

    • Krys said:

      A road trip sounds like a fantastic idea! I feel like I need to add this to my bucket list now (:

  3. Gah! Learning how to drive… oh, I remember the drama well. Keep trucking away at it. It will get easier and more natural the more you do it. Hope you’re enjoying your summer. xx

    • Krys said:

      Thanks! I hope you had a lovely stay in New York xx

  4. Driving in NY? Girl you got guts! I already know I want to live in NY purely so I don’t have to drive ever again haha

    • Krys said:

      It was unavoidable haha especially since if I need to be anywhere outside the city I have to be able to drive since public transport is surprisingly very lacking in non metro areas!

  5. Krys! Did you say you saw me in NYC last week? Why didn’t you say hi or was it because you were in the middle of a driving lesson? 😛

    I’ve been reading a lot more lately- a ton of Fitzgerald!


    • Krys said:

      Yes and yes (to seeing you and also being midst driving lesson haha.) I’ve been slowly getting into Murakami under the urgings of a few friends (:

  6. rooth said:

    What books have you been reading? It’s good to take an electronic vacation every once in awhile

    • Krys said:

      Some Hemingway, mostly in preparation for the class I’m helping to TA this coming semester – I want to get into more Murakami, but I haven’t been able to hit up the library recently ^^

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