Summer Satisfaction

Driving update: I’ve slowly gotten more comfortable with everything especially reversing, though my actual reversing into a parking space is still quite deplorable. Baby steps, right?

Ever since we learned about brochure folding in one of my studio courses last spring, I’ve caught the bug of looking for unique paper folds or, really, anything that isn’t your standard tri-fold (personally? I really enjoy when a gate fold is employed properly.) So when my mother received this brochure from Disney in the mail, I had to stop her from tossing it in the recycling simply on how different it was from other brochures I’ve collected this summer.


I like how clean it is on the outside– yes, all the text is dead center in each panel, but the different colours and treatment of the text keeps it from being boring. To be honest the brochure uses an accordion fold at its core. Where I like how they’ve treated the accordion fold shows up when you flip it to the other side.



How the brochure looks like on the inside before it’s unfolded – I think it’s quite neat how it looks like three separate blocks of photos, letting it be more than just another standard sunny, palm-tree filled photo of Florida.


Once you open it up, it’s easy to see why I like that extra fold on top of the accordion fold. In a very subtle way the brochure is able to start making its pitch about enjoying the summer sun at this resort without throwing a handful of facts and reasons why in your face, not to mention it helps the inside stay as simple and uncluttered as the outside is. Instead of being merely decorative, the extra fold hides those bits of information until you fully open the brochure – which, when we’re so used to seeing really mundane brochures that shout information at us in our every day life, isn’t a bad thing at all. To be sure, it may not be the most uniquely designed brochure out there (it is a brochure for a resort after all), but it has that element of visual surprise without being fussy.

  1. Whoa that does not look like a disney brochure (at least I’d expect some twinkly animation)! I love the slices of photographs on the outside. I also keep brochures too- probably collecting paper aka. packaging/marketing materials is the reason why I have so much stuff in my house. :S

    Glad to know the driving lessons are going well! Sorry you couldn’t stop to meet in person! 😛


    • Krys said:

      I figure I’m in trouble if my house ever catches on fire, but goodness if all of the paper isn’t nice to look at!! (:

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