Loop: The Abbreviated Version

loop screen shot

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything related to what I’ve made and even longer since I posted a spec preview for the mobile phone interface I was working on last semester. But here, finally I’m sharing it! (Scroll to the bottom if you’re keen on getting straight to it and not so keen on the behind-the-scenes stuff.)

The assignment itself was quite open – we were to come up with a mobile app concept, design the interface for it, and create a promotional clip to accompany the specs. (Including sound was highly encouraged, having text present was required!) My goal was to design an app that would benefit the students at the university I attend and it was clear that an app that would solve a lot of problems and complaints on campus would be a transportation-related one.

Enter Loop.


I tried to make the functions as simple as possible for someone familiar with the how the university’s shuttle bus system works. Ideally, you’d be able to see where the bus is (so you know whether it’s on time or running late), what the schedule is for the day, the route the shuttle bus takes (so you can see which stop is closest to your destination), and the always important plan-your-trip. The home symbol in the upper left would let you change which bus route you planned to take  and a personalized log-in would mean that the person symbol on the bottom would link to a copy of your student identification card, just in case.

Ideally, I’d go back into the file and slow down the frames per second even more…but at thirty seconds the lyrics started to come through the speakers, so thirty seconds is how long my promotional clip ended up being. Hope you enjoy!

  1. This is super creative and impressive! I love the interface of the whole app.

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