Lost in the Wash

final poster 2

(Poster, 24″ x 36″)

Virginia Postrel writes that “[today’s aesthetic profusion]–the choice of thirty-five thousand colours of plastic, fifteen hundred drawer pulls, thirty thousand fonts, motifs from nearly every culture that has never existed–serves a variety of tastes and circumstances. And all those choices allow ever more specific signals of identity and affiliation.”

With this quote in mind, my professor set us on our way towards a five week, often trying, adventure about developing our digital literacy by becoming familiar with notable historical movements in design and learning how they’re represented visually. To note, this happened back in October, but since I never ended up putting it up, I’m still eager to share it!

All of us were randomly assigned three different styles (I had new typography, baroque, and navajo/southwestern) along with being tasked to choose an object that represented us. Without going into specifics, my self-referential item was a pair of socks. Using those three styles we were to create 54 portraits of our object and include both a poster that displayed our best 9 portraits and a process book that had a title page and table of contents.

When it came down the poster, I really wanted to make something simple, that spoke to the styles I had without it becoming a fight between the filter tool and my hand. So keeping my colour palette minimal and choosing portraits that shared similar qualities felt like the right direction to take and from there I eventually made the poster above. Ten months down the road and I’m not sure if all of the background information (the styles, the portraits, the “aesthetic profusion”) holds up, but the result is something I’m still keen about.

  1. rooth said:

    It’s like the washing machine is the portal to another dimension for all those lost socks

    • Krys said:

      That’s exactly what one of my classmates told me in critique, I rather like the comparison hehe

  2. This sounds like quite the interesting project. I love the outcome!

    • Krys said:

      Thanks! I thought it was an interesting project as well (:

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