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Ages ago – January to be exact – when most of my friends were celebrating the start of 2014, I was on my first flight out of the country since 2011. The first few days were spent in Shanghai and some of its surrounding towns – a confusing journey in which the tour guide only spoke Mandarin and Cantonese, neither of which are languages I am fluent in – before settling in 香港/Hong Kong for a bulk of the trip. To settle makes it sound as if I was in Hong Kong for an extended period of time, when it was only the better part of nine days, but I remember it all as some dizzying adventure, the same ilk of The Grand Tours during the 1800s. Alas, I was not European nobility, nor roaming the streets of Europe, but instead a college student poking her head into side streets and tasting food I hadn’t eaten since I was a small child.

Looking back, it seems like there were too many and yet not enough photographs taken, leading to the severe edit of images you see here. ‘Authentic’ egg tarts, check. Architecture, check. Photos of self…well, maybe not so many of those. At some point though, now when I think of Asia, photographs just don’t do it for me anymore. I think of the smog in Shanghai and the pleasant weather in Hong Kong (although according to Sam, we’ll see what I think about Hong Kong once I experience a HK summer.) Hong Kong remains especially memorable for me – I got to finally meet Sam and Tania, the duo behind A Boy Named Sue, and also hang out with my friend Rachel, who I haven’t seen since I left Australia.

To sum up: over the course of eighteen days, I fell a little bit in love with Asia, fell a lot in love with Hong Kong, and rekindled a need to travel. My only regret is that I didn’t get to explore more of the art and street culture at either place, but things to consider the next time I go overseas.

  1. rooth said:

    I’m glad that travel has fueled your fire for life. It has been ages since I’ve been to Asia… some day I will need to go back and learn about where I came from

    • Krys said:

      Yeah, I find myself on my down time thinking about where I want to go next (it’ll probably be in Asia again.) I hope you get to go some time soon!

  2. Wow these shots are just gorgeous! That architecture is seriously stunning!

    • Krys said:

      The architecture was definitely my favourite to shoot– so different from the architecture I see at home. I’m glad you like them!

  3. Joyti said:

    Such lovely shots. Enjoy your next trip! My own yearning to travel is just getting fired up too 🙂

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