(Hybrid of photos from camera and Instagram.)

Sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to be a designer.


portfolio preview

I was so into the idea of completing this during spring break, but then things happened, and I got distracted. As one of my design professors pointed out this morning during critique, there are about five weeks left of the semester. Crazy! The past few months have gone by so quickly. A bit too quickly for my liking, mind you. As I continue to build my portfolio site,  I’m going to be a little neglectful of this blog for a little while longer (hopefully not too long…) On the other end of the portfolio spectrum – after a few weeks of some serious stressing and a last minute glue adhesive panic, I found out that I passed my sophomore review!!

After finding out the good news, it feels like nothing can really go wrong as spring semester winds down. I’ve officially declared my major as design and I’m cleared to take upper-level studio courses. It’s finally starting to look like spring as well, although people are still wearing their winter coats on campus, so it feels a little odd gadding about in shorts yet. Still, there’s the promise of afternoons after class spent on the great lawn, drinking iced coffees and having the time to enjoy each other.

Happy mid-April!

Sunday dose of pomegranates and crisp, white suits:

Also Kim Woo Bin, fairly fresh off his run on drama School 2013.

I finished watching it a few weeks ago and even now, I still find traces of it in my thoughts. I think high school based dramas have gotten a revival in quality lately (see Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Answer Me: 1997) in that they’re not being seen as just for the “younger set.” The way of the trade still lies in melodramas (because everyone loves a good chaebol drama with lots of wrist-grabbing), but there’s something extremely satisfying and poignant about these dramas that are as simple about hope and growing up. Those are themes that resonate with everyone – everyone goes through these motions of problems that won’t be magically solved, that may seem grand at the time but are really small in the grand scheme of life.

Nonetheless. Midterms start next week and while I’m not throwing myself straight into my Chinese studies, it’ll be okay – I have Girl Scout cookies and a nice, warm cup of tea.


(From a ‘Text in Our Environment’ assignment.)

Two weeks ago my friend Kathy and I were talking about our courses and subsequent artwork and our wishes to see each others’ work. Or rather how she wanted to see my work as the catalyst for the conversation had been my admiration of her cargo collective. Then, just last week, a few of my other friends expressed interest in what I’d been making (somewhere else I’m majoring in literature and no one is asking to see my papers), colliding somewhat with my interest in getting back to posting regularly again. One weekend, no parents, and several scrapped versions later, here’s a fresh layout for 2013 and a go at a logo!

I was contemplating making a look back on 2012 post but then realized that there wasn’t much that I would consider a highlight per say. I got a part-time job and finally started to learn Chinese. Some family that I hadn’t seen in five years showed up for Christmas. I TURNED TWENTY after spending the first half of fall semester flipping out any time one of my friends called me old, so there’s that. Otherwise I spent most of my time devoted to EXOOOO my coursework. It was a year for the books, quite literally.

winter market

(At the Union Square Holiday Markets.)



(Sharing some Lee Minho for Trugen with all of you because looking at well-dressed Asian men is a good way to start the weekend– Image via Trugen)

Hi. I’m alive even if it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Aside from updating on my Instagram here and again, I know I’ve basically let any updating slide into the gutter and I am sorry for that. However, despite not sharing any artwork here in awhile, I came off of spring semester feeling fairly successful (although quite sleep deprived) and now, not only am I fully-rested, but I’m excited to share some of the pieces that I’ve made in the past few months. This past semester pushed me further both mentally and creatively and I’m somewhat pleased to say that when I look back on my entry portfolio for acceptance into the program, I cringe at the lack of finesse in the work (though my work can certainly use a lot more maturing!) There’s a lot of prints to finish scanning, negatives to archive, and a small book project that was my hell for the last three weeks of the semester but eventually became a piece I’m very proud of.

Cheers for a good weekend everyone!

Almost done with my midterms! I have my art history midterm tomorrow afternoon (from Late Gothic to Romanticism) and my printmaking midterm portfolio due next week– happy studio and library time for me. Being the nerd that I kind of  am, I mostly don’t mind studying and all of that…but it’s sad that midterms hit just as the weather was starting to get nice. Over 60 degrees Fahrenheit today and it feels really nice not have to walk between buildings wearing my bulky winter coat. And the best part about warmer/sunnier weather? More sunlight for taking photographs in the future. I cannot wait to join the world of the non-midterm elites again. Happy Mondays!