Driving update: I’ve slowly gotten more comfortable with everything especially reversing, though my actual reversing into a parking space is still quite deplorable. Baby steps, right?

Ever since we learned about brochure folding in one of my studio courses last spring, I’ve caught the bug of looking for unique paper folds or, really, anything that isn’t your standard tri-fold (personally? I really enjoy when a gate fold is employed properly.) So when my mother received this brochure from Disney in the mail, I had to stop her from tossing it in the recycling simply on how different it was from other brochures I’ve collected this summer.


I like how clean it is on the outside– yes, all the text is dead center in each panel, but the different colours and treatment of the text keeps it from being boring. To be honest the brochure uses an accordion fold at its core. Where I like how they’ve treated the accordion fold shows up when you flip it to the other side.



How the brochure looks like on the inside before it’s unfolded – I think it’s quite neat how it looks like three separate blocks of photos, letting it be more than just another standard sunny, palm-tree filled photo of Florida.


Once you open it up, it’s easy to see why I like that extra fold on top of the accordion fold. In a very subtle way the brochure is able to start making its pitch about enjoying the summer sun at this resort without throwing a handful of facts and reasons why in your face, not to mention it helps the inside stay as simple and uncluttered as the outside is. Instead of being merely decorative, the extra fold hides those bits of information until you fully open the brochure – which, when we’re so used to seeing really mundane brochures that shout information at us in our every day life, isn’t a bad thing at all. To be sure, it may not be the most uniquely designed brochure out there (it is a brochure for a resort after all), but it has that element of visual surprise without being fussy.


composite 5

(Diptych, black/white 35mm film, Canon Infinity Baryta paper)

At some point once you move back home for the summer and the euphoria of being able to sleep passes on, being able to leave the house, even if it’s to run errands with your mother, feels like an accomplishment. In between work and the continual process of editing my wardrobe, my family and I spent a week in Florida, somewhat sporadically documented on my Instagram. Upon return to suburbia, I conveniently broke my laptop and have been bumming off of my mother’s ever since. It’s been completely refreshing to not have the internet at my constant beck and call (I’ve been reading a lot of books). I’m starting to remember a life that didn’t depend on half-way completed proposals sitting in gdocs and organizing folders of scanned negatives.

It’s been miserable weather in New York recently, traversing from summer weather back to what the weather should’ve been like in April. To date I’ve had two driving lessons and, with all of the rain, each one has left me slightly more terrified than I think I was before I started learning how to drive. Quite clearly I’m meant to live in a place where driving is not a necessity and of it weren’t for the pressing need for grocery runs next year, I have a feeling that I might’ve pushed even getting my permit until post-college. Any driving tips for the otherwise inclined would be greatly appreciated.

portfolio preview

I was so into the idea of completing this during spring break, but then things happened, and I got distracted. As one of my design professors pointed out this morning during critique, there are about five weeks left of the semester. Crazy! The past few months have gone by so quickly. A bit too quickly for my liking, mind you. As I continue to build my portfolio site,  I’m going to be a little neglectful of this blog for a little while longer (hopefully not too long…) On the other end of the portfolio spectrum – after a few weeks of some serious stressing and a last minute glue adhesive panic, I found out that I passed my sophomore review!!

After finding out the good news, it feels like nothing can really go wrong as spring semester winds down. I’ve officially declared my major as design and I’m cleared to take upper-level studio courses. It’s finally starting to look like spring as well, although people are still wearing their winter coats on campus, so it feels a little odd gadding about in shorts yet. Still, there’s the promise of afternoons after class spent on the great lawn, drinking iced coffees and having the time to enjoy each other.

Happy mid-April!

A simple, 5-second parallax video from earlier this semester as being on spring break permits me to finally sleep. I don’t love the colours completely, but I  don’t absolutely hate it either (one day I will take that colour theory class!) and, if anything, it’s worth it for the music clip. Watching the whale is highly recommended if you’ve just finished your morning coffee and are looking for a further pick-me-up.

paper bag(Charcoal, 16″ x 24″)

A quiet weekend filled with Mendelssohn and Bach. After many months I tried drawing again. It was like meeting an old friend, the kind you’ve kept in touch with but haven’t physically seen in awhile. An assignment in one of my design studios is focusing on a lot of handwork at the moment. I find that my lines have become stiff again and it stutters here and there – from misuse and nonuse – but it’s nice to be off of the computer for a change.


(Black/white 35mm film, Canon Infinity Baryta paper)

Post-midterms and in the process of cleaning my desk – I’ve built piles of so much junk that this process is a little horrifying. I found sketches for designs that never materialized and scraps of old projects dating back to first year studies, so now I just have folders of paper everywhere. Just two weeks ago, we did a study in one of my studio courses that ended up with over 100 sheets of paper. In a way it helps since I have my sophomore review right after spring break, but otherwise, a lesson in recycling properly.

A few weeks ago some friends and I got on a train to NYC and indulged in some good food and some good art. For awhile I’d wanted to see the Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avante-Garde special exhibit at MoMa…really, it was exciting to see work from this period of transformation into an international center for arts, culture, and commerce. You see screenprints from designers such as Yokoo Tadanori and yes, they’re iconic works but they also speak for design that radically influenced the way design was viewed then and now.

Also have been taking my 35mm camera out often, partly because I’m taking another photography class, but also because there’s something great about film. It was only last week though that I got around to developing my film from the excursion…and everyone needs a good graffiti photography in their repertoire, right?

Welcome to my dining room table circa February 2013.

I wonder if one could consider it an upgrade to go from shooting photographs of things on the floor to shooting them on a table. There continues to be a lack of white walls at my house and after some experimentation, I discovered that the lace table cloth that my mother uses when relatives come to visit is the closest thing I have to any white wall.

That it’s been snowing so frequently (such as it is right now) hasn’t stopped me from keeping all my non-boots tucked away in my closet, but the impending arrival of Spring has naturally made me more keen on shoes I don’t have to wear socks with. It’s been a little difficult in the morning to not leaving my dorm tromping out sans socks especially when I recently picked up these three new pairs.

ftdrt 1

First, neon/nude ballet flats. I’ve been searching for shoes with studs on them for months and these not only fit the bill but also add a pop of sorely needed colour in my mostly-neutral black coloured wardrobe.

ftdrt 2

A pair of red boat shoes. I almost bought the black/white herring bone patterned ones, but it’s really the colour that won me over. My mother has actually been obsessed with boat shoes lately (she has three-four pairs) and, admittedly, they are quite comfortable even if they remind me a little bit of those super preppy boys my sister used to go to school with.

ftdrt 3

Possibly the pair of shoes I’m most excited to wear once the weather warms up a bit – please accept the first two pairs as my way of justifying the black heels. Though, really, I can picture clearly in my head all the different outfits I can wear these with.

Pictures for the lovely Wen, who’s been asking me to upload items from my closet for months now…